Philanthropy, Evaluation and Social Change
An article series for Georgia Tech Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship

  • The Great Recession and Social Enterprise
    As the U.S. economy has contracted during the Great Recession, it’s worth considering how the laws of supply and demand are affecting consumer behavior and social enterprise movement.
  • Philanthropy and Thomas Jefferson
    There is something special about going to work every day knowing a Founding Father spelled out the value of labor.
  • Time, Stress and Ruts
    I have always thought that philanthropy – and evaluation in particular – mismanages time more than any other variable.
  • Monetizing Goodwill: Part I
    When a business monetizes a product or a service, usually the customer trading cash is the same person deriving the direct benefit of the transaction.
  • Monetizing Goodwill: Part II
    In his explanation of the “Influence Model” Philip Meyer, describes how newspapers have succeeded at monetizing goodwill.