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Child of North Carolina. Journalism, pre- and post-Internet. Film student. Social science, quantitative and qualitative methods. Fell in love with Chapel Hill. Knight Foundation, planning & evaluation. Blank Family Foundation, lots of things in Georgia and Montana. 2020, COVID ended 28 years of marriage to Betsy Ross Bare. 2021, joined John Templeton Foundation. Current loves, Isadora and Winston, rescue dogs who rescue me. Writer – stories, poems, songs, including. 2021 novel, Fair-Skinned Brunette with the Porcelain Shine. 2019 album, Lassie James Songbook Vol I. Visual artist – photography, clay, metal, fiber, wax, acrylic paint. English teacher Mom. Math teacher Dad. Sisters, one older, one younger, both smarter. Previous experience: driving school bus, planting peach orchard, jury selection consultant, janitor. Taste for genmaicha tea, biscuits, whiskey. Admirer of bitternut hickory fall color and halos.

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